Custom Building & Remodeling

27 years of craftsmanship experience ensuring quality and excellence.

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Renovate Today

Just click here and fill out our on-line form to get started on your next project -renovate your home, a room, your kitchen, your basement, a new wall, a modern built-in shelf, a custom room.  No project is too big or too small.  We can do it all for you and will exceed your expectations. Get started now.

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Custom Home Build

Neeed a home builder with 27 years of experience to help create your dream home?  Contact us today and get started.  We can work with your design or create a design for you that you'll love and be proud of.  Begin the journey in having us create your dream home. You'll be glad you did!

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Calling All Realtors

Learn how we can help you buy or sell the home for your customer by renovating an existing part of the house or adding a room, additional garage, upgrade the kitchen, create shelf space in the great room, or full finish the basement. Contact us today and let us help you help your clients!

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Deardorf builders helped me create my dream home!

His design and attention to detail and craftsmanship help me realize my vision from a plan on paper to bricks and mortar- fantastic!

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