Oftentimes, all that’s needed in a home you love is just some restoration, repair, and remodeling to spruce up a certain space. Maybe your home needs an enhanced façade to bolster its curb appeal; maybe a new floor plan to open up a space or to modernize it will do the trick. With life changes come room changes, and the extra bedroom that isn’t used might be better suited to a fitness room or craft space with custom, built-in shelving. If your kitchen seems too dark, there is the option to add skylights, or brighter cabinets or flooring. If more storage is what you need, then maybe an island with custom storage will solve the problem. As always, we will work within your budget. We can work without even taking down walls if needed. Color, floor and cabinet upgrades, lighting fixtures, sink and tile upgrades, and window details can all transform a space without any major changes.

Renovation can also provide the opportunity for you to add value to your home. Some of the most valuable improvements you can make that will change your home now as well as add value in the future, range from the simple to the complex. For example: simply creating space by knocking out some walls to make a more open floor plan may make your home more inviting. Lighting is another easy project. From skylights to sun tubes, allowing more natural light into your home will change the look for a cheap cost. Consider again the importance of curb appeal and first impressions; maybe a new front door could drastically add some dimension to your home. For a more intensive improvement, update your bathrooms. Fresh caulk, changing fixtures, and even simple things like changing out frosted glass for clear glass can provide eye-catching updates.

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